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12/11 Midwinter Practice Race Report

posted Dec 14, 2010, 4:52 PM by sfformula18   [ updated Dec 14, 2010, 4:59 PM ]
Many thanks to Rich Vilvens and his wife Daisy, who came all the way down from Eureka spend the day with us and get some practice in. Here's Rich's report.  Thanks, Rich!

Thanks to Phillip for setting up the Redwood City racing series. They have been going out almost every week with the 4 F18s there.

We showed up at 11 and were pointed to a fully rigged Tiger waiting for a main. We wheeled it down to the water and were set. Once all 3 Tigers and the Wildcat were ready it was towed out to the race area by the chase Zodiac also provided by Phillip. We sat waiting for wind enjoying drinks, chips, and sushi provided by Dan. After drifting and rafting up for a while the breeze began to slowly fill in. Phillip droped a mark, set a 2 minute start, and we were off. 

Phil and Frank on a Tiger, Dan and Bill on a Tiger, myself and Daisy on a Tiger, Pieter and Christine on the Wildcat. The other 2 Tigers fought each other at the start and i ran and dipped behind the Wildcat for the port start. It payed off well and we tacked up the basin to the mark, popped the chute and ran down to the lower mark. Back up to the windward mark then back down to the finish. Race took about 20 minutes nice short 2-lapper with no extra tacks. The finish order: Wildcat, Tiger with us on it, Frank and Phil, then Dan and Pieter.

Phillip saw we had to do no tacks or gybes and moved the mark for a second race. This time we all started on port and ran to the upwind a lot closer. One tack to the starboard layline and the chutes came out again. Gybe sets by the first 2 boats and bearaway sets by the other 2. 1 gybe on the down wind to lay the mark and do it again. The Gybe sets payed and we again followed the Wildcat with Pieter and Christine to the finish. Frank and Phil in third and Dan and Bill in fourth. 

The sun was getting close to the hills but we ran one more one-lap race and Phillip jumped from the chase boat to the Wildcat. Christine took over the chase boat. Again all four boats on port but I got squeezed out and had to circle back and restart. Got pushed above the pin due to bad planning on my part. We circled and then began to run up to the fleet. Near the top mark we had climed into third. Frank and Phil had a problem on the spin set. Daisy and I gybe set, got a little more pressure, and came in second again. We were going to do another race but it was getting dark and wind was going away. 

We called it a day and everyone went to the docks and dropped the mains, rinsed the boats and put them back in the storage yard. Great day with great people. We even got some training in and had a free ride on a set-up boat. Thanks to everyone who was there.