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2011 NOOD Regatta & West Coast Championship

Area Map, Including StFYC, Hotel, and Launch Area

This year the St. Francis has obtained a permit for the F18 fleet to use Aquatic Park to launch boats and keep boats and trailers overnight.  this area has a lot of advantages, including a sheltered area to launch and return, secure overnight parking for boats and trailers, reserved day parking for cars (not sure about overnight for cars), and a spigot and hose along the wall of the Maritime Museum for rinsing.

The map below shows the where the club, the hotel, and Aquatic Park are situated:
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2011 San Francisco NOOD Regatta

Click here for a searchable version of this map.

Detail of Aquatic Park

Below is a close-up of Aquatic Park.  Note the following:
  • Overnight parking for trailers and boats is allowed in the designated area.  Officially this starts late Fri., like maybe 5 p.m., but you'll probably be fine if you get your boat there earlier.
  • The area will be staffed by security, but keep in mind that this is still city parking.
  • There is reserved parking along the street for cars; not sure if permit includes overnight parking for cars.
  • If you're staying at the nearby Holiday Inn, you may find it easier to just keep all your sailing gear in your sailbox, leave the car in hotel parking, and walk back and forth to Aquatic Park.
  • The path between boat storage and the launch area is along some old trolley tracks.  It's a little long, but it's not steep.
  • A lot of swimmers use the lane shown below to work out.  Use caution when launching/returning.

Aquatic Park

Click here for a searchable version of this map.


Launch area is beach to the left of the Maritime Museum in this photo.
View of Aquatic Park from near boat/trailer storage.
Aquatic Park seawall and entrance.
Close-up of Aquatic Park entrance.
View of boat/trailer storage area.  Push trailers against back wall.
View from boat/trailer storage area.  Path to beach starts to right of the building, in center of photo.